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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1985
Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1985

Getting a Chair Reupholstered: What You Need to Know

chair reupholsteryThe chair reupholstering or restoration process involves many steps that need to be completed correctly in order for the end result to be a stunning piece of furniture. Before you make the decision to have a favorite modern or antique chair redone, there are several things you need to know.

Is Your Chair Right For Reupholstering?

Any chair that was originally covered with some sort of fabric, leather or other flexible material is a perfect candidate for reupholstering. However, the structure of the chair must be sound and it must be a particular shape or style that you very much enjoy. After all, if you do not like the piece of furniture, simply giving it a small makeover may not help enough for it to match your home decor style.

Professional reupholstering companies can revitalize and re-style chairs from any era or decorative theme. They offer a wide selection of different fabric colors, patterns and textures to suit any taste. Chances are, with the right combination of fabric and refinishing, any chair is perfect for reupholstering.

The Five Steps of the Reupholstering Process

1 – Take off all of the existing fabric very carefully. If the fabric is attached with large staples on the underside, pry these out with a flat screwdriver or small pliers. If it is attached with tacks or nails, these must be pulled out with a small hammer or another flat tool. If glue is used, it may be necessary to cut the fabric off carefully. A professional furniture restoration expert knows how to create the perfect template from the old fabric.

2 – The structure of the chair is thoroughly examined for any damage or weaknesses. In many cases, these problems can be repaired or compensated for with some hidden structural assistance. A few small pieces of wood or new springs can help an old chair feel like new again.

3 – Cut new foam or batting to make the chair comfortable and attractive. Over time, chair cushions can sag and give an unpleasant and broken-down look to a piece of furniture. New foam is sometimes necessary. Cotton batting may be used to wrap over existing batting or foam so the new upholstery lays smoothly.

4 – This step is when the final decision about upholstery fabric and accents such as buttons and trim is made. After the fabric is cut, you probably will not be able to change your mind without paying extra money to the professional upholsterer.

5 – The carefully cut fabric is stretched over each part of the chair, tucked in tight and smooth, to give a brand-new finished appearance. It is secured on the underside with tacks, small furniture nails, or staples. If anything was taken off in the first step, it will now be reattached to the chair. This could include wooden arms, legs or other non-upholstered pieces.

Having a favorite chair reupholstered is a great way to breathe new life into an old piece that many people may think is good only for the junkyard. With the wide variety of decorator fabrics available, a professional restoration expert can create a stunning furniture piece that suits your home’s style perfectly.

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