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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986

10 cool tips for organizing your fridge

Is your refrigerator well organized? Or, like so many, do you have to basically turn the fridge upside down to find something that you know is in there? If the disorder in your refrigerator is a source of constant frustration, below are tips for getting it under control: Use baskets: Baskets are easy to slide out of the fridge without disturbing other objects. Group all the similar foods in one basket; for example, you could have a basket with all… Continue reading

What Makes a Good Upholsterer?

Furniture represents a sizeable expenditure for most people, and one they want to last a very long time. Much-loved pieces can have new life and a more updated style through the work of a quality upholstery job. Before deciding on fabric swatches, the quest to find a good upholsterer must occur. These three criteria can help you find someone you can trust your furniture to. Experience and Knowledge When you trust heirloom or favorite furniture to someone else who is… Continue reading

Upholstering Fabrics: What’s In and What’s Out?

Home décor trends come and go, and the same can be said for upholstering fabrics. With the ease and affordability of reupholstering couches, loveseats, and chairs, it makes sense to keep up to date with the latest styles and fabrics. In general, more eco-friendly fabrics are popular these days, but style and appearance still win out in the end. This Year’s Hottest Upholstery Trends One the latest, more modern furniture option, several unique upholstery trends have appeared for this year… Continue reading

7 Tips To Keep The Integrity of Your Leather Furniture

After purchasing a quality leather couch, loveseat, or chair, you want it to stay in its attractive, pristine condition for as long as possible. This makes proper use and care very important. Remember these seven tips to keep the integrity of your leather furniture for many years to come. Keep Liquids Away From Leather Upholstery All liquids are the enemy of leather. Because leather is a natural, absorbent material, any liquid may soak in too quickly to blot or wipe… Continue reading

Discover the Benefits of Reupholstering Restaurant Booths

If you have a restaurant booth in your house, you probably love sitting in it anytime that you get the chance too. They aren’t only great for family meals, breakfasts, and dinners at home, but they also make great spaces for reading and hanging out with your loved ones. Since the kitchen is the hub of social activities and entertaining in most houses, there is a good chance that your booth has gone through some serious wear and tear. When… Continue reading

Smart Upholstery Tips for a Fresh New Look at Home

Out of everything in your home, there is one thing in particular that makes it the most comfortable. It adds style and appeal to your home and also gives you your favorite places to relax in your entire house. Furniture in so many ways sets the comfort, style, and tone of whatever room that you put it in. Like anything in your home that gets regularly used though, your furniture has probably gone through some wear and tear over the… Continue reading

5 Benefits of Reupholstering Dining Chairs

When you sit down for dinner or a special occasion, you want a dining room chair that is soft and comfortable. There are not many things much more relaxing and enjoyable than to get comfortably seated before a nice meal after a long day’s work. When you have upholstered dining room furniture you want it to not only be comfortable, but stylish and elegant. You want your dining room furniture to complement your home’s decor. Even when you have good… Continue reading

The Most Durable Fabrics to Use for Reupholstering

When you have a couch or chair to reupholster, finding the right fabric for the job can seem like a mystery. After all, the differences between fabric compositions are complex. Today we’re going to look at the different fabric options that you have. Finding out about weave and patterns helps you to decide the fabric for your next upholstery project. Consider kid-friendly options and ones that’ll withstand Fido sneaking a comfy nap. Discover the most durable fabrics to use for… Continue reading

The Beauty and Benefits of Using Cornices for Windows

Cornices for windows add beauty and structure to any room in the house. From adding a dramatic flair to simple functionality, the cornice can be customized to your personal decor themes for your home. What are Window Cornices? Window cornices are decorative pieces that frame the top of a window. They typically hide the corners of the built-in window frame and poke out into the room where they’re mounted. Used for Many Years Cornices for windows have been used in… Continue reading


  • Antique to modern furniture restoring and recovering
  • Completely custom made furniture
  • Custom made window cornices
  • Custom pillows
  • Headboard covering
  • Teak chair canvas restringing
  • Wood refinishing
  • Foam replacement
  • Interior Design - Color selection and coordination
  • We offer Eco Friendly fabrics and foam products made from Corn and Soy.
  • We also carry 100% natural Latex Foam.
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