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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986
Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986

10 cool tips for organizing your fridge


Is your refrigerator well organized? Or, like so many, do you have to basically turn the fridge upside down to find something that you know is in there? If the disorder in your refrigerator is a source of constant frustration, below are tips for getting it under control:

Use baskets:

Baskets are easy to slide out of the fridge without disturbing other objects. Group all the similar foods in one basket; for example, you could have a basket with all your sauces in it.

Labeling the baskets:

Using a label maker to label baskets in your refrigerator will instantly make the whole space feel well organized. You can use handwritten labels; however, you’ll find a professional look of typeset labels that will make a world of difference.

Use of mats or cling wrap:

Using mats under the trays or covering the shelves with cling wrap will make life much easier when it’s time to clean your fridge.

Don’t store dairy products in the door:

The temperature fluctuates too much in the doors. Dairy products, if stored there, can easily spoil, well before the expiration date.

Use jars:

Mason jars can be an excellent choice for storage. If you have something smelly (like garlic), the jar will do a good job of keeping the smell from overtaking your whole fridge. Alternatively, if you have something that you are concerned about picking up the smells of the fridge, the jar will protect it.

Don’t forget the things placed at the back:

When adding new groceries, move the old ones from the back and put the new ones towards the back. Of course, if you have everything well sorted, in baskets, this may not even be an issue.

Separate the near expiry products:

You can label them as “I WILL EXPIRE SOON!” and keep in a separate basket so they can be eaten first.

Use a list:

Keeping a list of the items in the fridge is likely to drastically reduce the amount of waste. While this may seem like a time-consuming project, most of the work is just making the first list. We don’t usually add a lot of unique things to the fridge, we just increase/decrease the quantity of the same foods.

Using a dry erase board, magnetically attached to the fridge, is a good way of being able to easily update the amount/dates/etc., for common items.

Use the egg-holders:

Not only does this keep your eggs safe, nothing else is going to fit in that spot as well as eggs.


You’ve probably heard of using baking soda to keep your fridge smelling fresh. This works well. Another cool trick is to keep a few used tea bags in a small bowl.

Have you ever had a dinner party and someone wanders into the kitchen and opens your fridge? For most people, this is an embarrassing moment; however, for those who just finished reading these tips, you’ll feel nothing but pride.

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