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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986
Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986

furniture restoration

Furniture Restoration for Restaurants Improves Style and Business

The look and feel of a restaurant affects how many people walk through the door, tell their friends to visit, and, ultimately, whether the eatery succeeds or not. So when waiting benches, dining room chairs, and stools at the bar show signs of wear or are just out of style with customer expectations or the goal of the restaurant, it is time to consider furniture restoration for restaurants. Why Consider Restaurant Furniture Restoration Chairs, stools, and booths in a restaurant… Continue reading

The green choice for your old furniture: Repair instead of replacing to keep it out of the landfill

Over the past many years at Lim’s Upholstery, we have rescued tens of thousands of chairs, sofas, and other pieces of furniture from being chucked into the landfill. We believe that you need to think twice before throwing your old furniture away. Repair your old furniture pieces instead of replacing them in order to keep them out of the landfill. That doesn’t just save you money, it is also the right thing to do from an environmental point of view.… Continue reading

Leather Furniture Repair & Restoration

Over time, leather loses its sheen and leather furniture becomes dull or develops cracks. Faded leather becomes uneven and discolored. Leather furniture repair and restoration services rejuvenate the leather and bring it back to life. Leather furniture restoration allows you to conceal scratches, clean and maintain the leather, repair the damaged portions, and restore the furniture to just the way as it used to be. There are several ways to restore your leather furniture—let’s take a quick look at them.… Continue reading

Antique Table Restoration

Do-It-Yourself? Hire a professional furniture restorer? Here are some things you should consider.
  • Antique to modern furniture restoring and recovering
  • Completely custom made furniture
  • Custom made window cornices
  • Custom pillows
  • Headboard covering
  • Teak chair canvas restringing
  • Wood refinishing
  • Foam replacement
  • Interior Design - Color selection and coordination
  • We offer Eco Friendly fabrics and foam products made from Corn and Soy.
  • We also carry 100% natural Latex Foam.
We also provide pick-up and delivery services for your convenience.