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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986
Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986

Having Your Sofa Reupholstered

sofa reupholsteredIf you’re refurnishing your home or apartment, you’ll probably ask yourself – should I reupholster the sofa in the living room, or should I buy a new one? Well, there is no perfect answer to that question.

There are several variables to be considered here, such as what kind of condition the furniture is in, how much new fabric would cost, and how much new fabric you will need. The cost of the reupholstery is another important factor to be considered, and so is the quality of the workmanship. This differs from shop to shop, as there is no particular cost of sofa reupholstery that is strictly adhered to.

Before deciding to have your sofa reupholstered, here are a few questions you should ask yourself. You should have a talk with your local upholsterer about the cost of the sofa reupholstery before making your decision as well.

Is a family heirloom?

Many sofas are heirloom pieces that have been handed down by family members for generations. Perhaps they have already been upholstered several times. So, do you want your old, trusted sofa to get a brand new look with new fabric, foam and refinishing? First, check if the springs and frame are in decent condition. If the springs and frame are in proper condition, you can hold on to them, but otherwise you should get them replaced. Next, check out the batting or the stuffing. If it is still in a usable condition, then the sofa should be reupholstered and the frames refinished and restored to their original condition as much as possible.

Is it something that gives you great comfort?

Is the sofa something that has been with you for a long time and given you great comfort? Does it fit perfectly into your room? Is it hard to find a like-for-like replacement? Then you should consider getting your sofa reupholstered for sure. You may first want to shop around for a suitable replacement before making up your mind, however. If you’re not able to find one, then you should try getting the sofa reupholstered. The foam should be replaced with another of a similar density, otherwise it wouldn’t give you the same feeling. You should choose a new fabric that is as close in appearance and weight as possible to the one being replaced. You could try for a fabric color that is complimentary to the room.

Cost of getting a sofa reupholstered…

The cost of getting your sofa reupholstered will depend heavily on the size of the piece as well as the fabric you choose. Other factors include necessary repairs of the framework and/or padding, as well as complex shapes.

To get the most accurate idea of costs, your best bet is to contact a professional furniture restorer. Often they’ll be able to give you a general idea, with just a few details.

If you’re in the Portland area, and thinking of having a sofa reupholstered, look no further than Lim’s Upholstery, in Beaverton, OR. Lim’s Upholstery, has been providing quality furniture restoration since 1985. With over 80 years of cumulative experience in furniture restoration, and a wide range of diverse skills, you can trust Lim’s with your most precious piece of furniture. You can call Lim’s at (503) 643-8028.

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