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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986

How Covering a Headboard with Fabric Transforms Bedrooms

headboardWhen it comes to decorating, many people have lofty goals but lack the time or the know-how to carry them out. Everyone wants their private spaces to look as good as possible. This includes the bedroom, which is the most intimate part of a home that reflects your personality and style. Headboard covers can change the mood in the room and add a unique flair. But how do you get started and what elements should you use? A reupholstery professional can show you how covering a headboard with fabric can transform your bedroom.

Consider the Power of Headboard Covers

That’s why headboard covers come as such as a surprise to so many people. This decorating method is both affordable and customizable. Headboard covers are the perfect solution if you want to decorate your bedroom without spending a lot of time and money.

Why a Headboard Matters

A headboard is a focal point in a bedroom. People instantly notice the bed and decorating elements. An attractive headboard makes the room look well-decorated. There are endless possibilities when it comes to upholstering a headboard. From country patterns to a luxurious satin texture, the covering can bring the entire room together in a beautiful way.

What Exactly Are Headboard Covers?

Headboard covers are typically pieces of fabric that go over the headboard of the bed. A headboard cover works much like a pillow case that slips over a pillow. Using covers shields what’s inside and provide a colorful exterior.

Bringing Color and Texture Into the Bedroom

Headboard covers are meant to add something visually appealing to the room. For example, a headboard covering can add a splash of color. The hues can match your bedspread or your walls or bring a feeling of contrast into the room. Consider the texture of the covering, which is meant to contrast with the smoothness of the walls or covers. And softness is essential if you like to read while sitting up in bed, It softens the hardness of the headboard behind your back while you sit.

Customize the Bedroom Decor

There are several ways that you can use headboard covers to customize your room. Discover how to create an environment that you’ve personalized and can call your own. Headboard covers are a fun way to add something different to your space.

Shopping Around

To start, look at the different colors that are available and choose one that represents you and helps you feel at home in your bedroom. You should also think about how this color coordinates with or complements the others in the room, including your carpet, bedsheets, and wall colors. The same goes for patterns. Think about having a patterned headboard when you have mostly smooth or solid-colored surfaces everywhere else. Add a pastel headboard to a dark-colored room to lighten it up.

Setting the Mood

Ultimately, the goal of using some colors over others is to create the feeling that you want in your bedroom. Some people want it to be bright and cheery, which would result in you using a light, usually pastel color such as yellow or light pink. Others are looking for a more relaxed, mellow vibe, which would involve blues or greens — and if your mood is poppy and attempting to make a statement, there are always standout colors like red or black.

Mixing it Up

Another advantage of using headboard covers is that it’s an excellent way to update the look of your room. You don’t even have to change all the other elements of the space. Skip like repainting the walls or rearranging the furniture and choose headboard cover fabric instead. If you get bored of your current look, you can just change the headboard cover. Look for a different color or pattern and get a whole new design that changes the mood of the room. Also, you can also coordinate your bedsheets or arrange different colored frames on the walls to complement this change. And dare to be different. Mix neutrals with a couple of bold accents. Select an eye-catching pattern that draws attention to your headboard.

Overall, when working with headboard covers, hiring a professional to help you can be a significant advantage. Though there are no-sew and DIY options available, it is a smart option to make the headboard cover more permanent. And a pro can attach it for you and make sure that it will stay on the bed and resist wear and tear for as long as possible. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits granted by your headboard cover for years to come — and if you do decide to change it later, you can get it professionally removed as well so that there is no residue left on the headboard itself. In conclusion, an expert headboard cover is an easy way to update your bedroom and get the look you want on almost any budget.

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