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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986
Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986

Considering having your Sofa reupholstered?

If you’re refurnishing your home or apartment, you may be asking yourself, “Should I buy a new sofa for the living room, or should I simply reupholster the sofa I already have?”

There are several variables to be considered here, such as the following:

Color coordinated sofa with pillow

  • What is the condition of the basic frame and body of your sofa? Does it need substantial repair work, as well as new upholstery?
  • Is your sofa a cherished family heirloom? Many sofas are heirloom pieces that have been handed down by family members for generations. Perhaps, they have already been upholstered several times. So do you want your old, trusted sofa to get a brand new look with new fabric, foam and refinishing? First, check if the springs and frames are in a decent condition. If the springs and frames are in a proper condition, you can hold on to them, otherwise you should get them replaced. Next, check out the batting or the stuffing. If it is still in a usable condition, then the sofa should be reupholstered and the frames refinished and restored somewhat to their original condition.
  • Is your sofa simply a piece of furniture that you like and appreciate for its comfort and/or appearance? Does it fit perfectly into your room, and you know it will be hard to find a like-for-like replacement? If the answer is yes, and the sofa is in reasonably good condition, it may well be worth reupholstering it.
  • How much will it cost to reupholster your sofa? If you’re getting a traditional sofa reupholstered — one that is 82″ long and 36″ deep with five or six cushions and two pillows — it may cost $800 – $900 for labor expenses plus the cost of 12 to 16 yards of fabric.
    If you’re getting a standard sofa reupholstered — one that is 28″ to 30″ wide by 28″ and 36″ deep with two deep cushions and one pillow — it may cost about $350 for labor, plus up to 10 yards of fabric.

    Of course, these are is just general estimates so you should check with your reupholsterer to get a more concrete price first.

  • There other factors that may impact the price of reupholstering your sofa, such as the need to replace foam, batting or springs to make it serviceable. Again, consulting your upholstery specialist will give you a good idea of what to expect

For professional reupholstery or for antique furniture restoration, Lim’s Upholstery provides the finest professional services. Lim’s Upholstery has offered top-quality reupholstering, repair and furniture renovation since 1985. Our expert staff has more than 80 years of cumulative experience in the field with a wide range of diverse skills. We are particularly known for our close attention to detail and meticulous work. Please feel free to call us at (503) 643-8028 for information, advice or for a “Quick Quote” estimate.

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