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Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986
Located in Beaverton, serving the greater Portland, OR area since 1986

8 Reasons for Antique Furniture Restoration & Reupholstery

antique furniture restorationEveryone has a unique story regarding antique furniture. Perhaps you saw a table in an antique store and fell in love with it. Maybe you have a chair that passed down through your family for generations. Or you purchased a couch at a yard sale for an impressively low price. No matter how you came across your particular piece of furniture, you’re probably attached to it for one of any number of sentimental reasons. Some collectors or aficionados are uncomfortable with the idea of changing antiques in any way. But you also want to ensure your antique furniture is beautiful, safe for display, and useable. With that in mind, consider these eight smart reasons for antique furniture restoration and reupholstery.

1. Improving its sales value

Though there is a value to preserving antiques in their original form, this only applies to items that are sought after by collectors. If your furniture piece is not worth anything as a collectible, you can increase its value by conducting a restoration that gives it a newer look.

Appearances matter

Consider adding new upholstery or re-lacquering the wood. Then, if you decide to sell, you can put out a higher asking price to reflect the work you put in, even though the restoration won’t fetch the highest possible dollar value for an original in mint condition.

2. Preserving sentimental value

For many people, their furniture carries many memories with it even though it may sit in a dusty corner of the attic as it falls apart and looks unappealing.

Freezing a moment in time

Therefore, if you want to preserve the sentimental value in your furniture, your best bet is to restore it and getting it to look how it did at the time you best remember it.

3. Embracing durability

If you want your furniture to last far into the future, restoration and reupholstery are the way to go.

Resist wear and tear over time

That’s because, even if your piece isn’t quite falling apart yet, all furniture elements wear down over time. This is especially true for fabric. Consider restoration an investment in the future, especially if you hope to pass on your item to your children and grandchildren as a family heirloom.

4. Enhancing its beauty

The main reason most people are hesitant to restore furniture or alter it in any way is that they want to preserve it the way that the original craftsman made it. People may be afraid to mess with a well-made object.

Furniture as it was intended to look

However, restoration isn’t meant to change it necessarily. Restoring fabric simply enhances the beauty that is already present, and it makes it look like it was intended to look.

5. Completing certain decor

Sometimes you may want your chair or sofa to match other aspects of your decor, and that may require a change of upholstery.

Customized furniture with an antique touch

Pick out a fabric color that not only complements your walls and floor, but also other furniture items that you have in the same room.

6. Protecting your floors

Something few people think about until it’s too late is the effect that wooden chair legs have on hardwood floors.

Glides protect your beautiful flooring

If you want to preserve your floor from ugly scratch marks, you have to take action immediately to add glides to any pointy part of the furniture that makes contact with the floor.

7. Fixing broken furniture

If the furniture piece you own is falling apart, with tears in the fabric or a sagging seat, sometimes you have no choice but to restore it if you want to keep using.

Keeping the furniture

Fixing the piece makes more sense than throwing it away. That way, you can continue to enjoy your antique furniture for years to come. Often a few small repairs and updates can extend the life of furniture for years to come.

8. Giving unique gifts

Furniture makes a great housewarming or wedding gift, or even a way to celebrate birthdays and holidays for those people in your life who always love something crafty and antique.

Presentable for presentation

However, it must look presentable first, which is where restoration comes into play. Reupholstering the piece gives it a fresh look. Then the furniture will be suitable to give as a gift for any special occasion.

If you decide that one or more of these reasons is compelling enough that you want to restore or reupholster your furniture, make sure that you contact a professional to do this for you. These reasons only apply if the restoration is done correctly. Put all your worries aside so that you are happy with the result. In conclusion, bring in someone with years of experience to do it for you!

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